A downloadable game for Windows

Codename Primis is a free open-source Game Maker 8.0 platformer game, designed for free customization. Users can freely use the source code to create their own versions of the game, and share it with others.

The creator is currently planning on making this source code into a real game.

Arrow Keys = Move
Z = Jump
X = Shoot
F1 = See info
F4 = Toggle Fullscreen
F9 = Take Screenshot

Music by Rolemusic
Sound effects from various games, made with Bfxr, and made by Alexander James
Sprites by Alexander James

Do NOT redistribute, copy, or steal the source code without permission. This is for personal and/or non-profit use only, and is not for commercial purposes.


Version 0.5
Added Slimechan.
Added Guardman.
Added moving platform.
Added new environment: Primis Dungeon
Added Prime Man.

Version 0.4
Fixed below solid bug (the collision when Ponpon jumps below a solid block is choppy)
Bikko can now stop at the end of a platform.
Ponpon can now jump down a one-way platform.
Added Rokki.
Flameys can now only shoot when Ponpon is near.
Fixed Under Ponpon kill bug (when Ponpon jumps to an enemy on a one-way platform, the enemy movement glitches)
Added new environment: Super Forest
Added death blocks
Added menu for choosing test rooms

Version 0.3
Changed Ponpon's sprites.
Replaced loading screen.
Replaced icon.
Possibly fixed equality bug? (when Ponpon stomps two enemies, it hurts Ponpon)
Fixed stomp bug (when Ponpon stomps an enemy from a specific height, it kills both Ponpon and the enemy)
Added new text
Added Bikko

Version 0.2
Added Glaoi
Added new victory sound
Added new collision code for Aoi, Megane, Flamey and Ponpon.
Added resolution change, making the graphics more appealing.

Version 0.1
Codename Primis was created.


Version 0.1 Source 20 MB
Version 0.2 Executable 22 MB
Version 0.2 Source 20 MB
Version 0.3 Executable 22 MB
Version 0.3 Source 20 MB
Version 0.4 Executable 49 MB
Version 0.4 Source 47 MB
Version 0.5 Executable 83 MB
Version 0.5 Source 80 MB

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